Monday, December 31, 2007

Apple iPhone + Subway Map

As you know you can take advantage of the iPhone's thumbnail system for your photos but what you need to know is that, you can do the same with your city's subway map! Basically this map includes few sliced images from the actual subway map in such a way that you can pan across the map with the forward and back buttons. Subway maps usually are available as a PDF file but navigating the few hundred kilo bytes PDF file on the iPhone is very slow yet (beside the connection!). Also some of the disadvantages by using these kind of maps is that sometimes they have so many details and a little bit complicated! And if you have low res images you can’t really use the map (distorted and pixilated images).

I just collected couple of links from different websites! You can download these packages below and upload the images to your iPhone and use them the same way you browse your pictures.


Other Option

Filemarks let you store high res images, text files, and PDFs on an iPhone! There aren’t any good ways to do this with the built in Apple tools - you can use iPhoto to copy images, but they’ll be scaled down and become unreadable. If you want to read a pdf on your phone, you have to either email it to yourself or browse to it in Safari. Filemarks store your file’s data inside a bookmark. When you want to view your file, you open the bookmark in Safari on the iPhone and you can view it, whether your phone is online or offline.

Basically Filemarks let you store much higher quality images than the built in photo application. Check it out,

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